Are you struggling in your career? Were you overlooked for that promotion you worked so hard for? Or do you need help figuring out what you want to pursue career-wise? Perhaps you need to increase your income or build a better management team? These are all examples of issues Mahboubeh has helped hundreds of people tackle and overcome. She often attends business meetings alongside her clients to offer additional support and hold space for her client’s desired outcomes.


Mahboubeh has helped her clients overcome so many different personal problems; she has positively influenced court cases to dismiss some cases and win custody in others, helped clients overcome their personal prejudices and mental blocks, elevate their living environments to better foster mental clarity and stability, positively impact realestate sales and closings, cultivate personal discipline, develop a practice of gratitude, build confidence, and even forgive and forget the past!


Her hundreds of happy clients are living testimonies to her affirmative influence in their health journeys! Mahboubeh has helped clients to tackle eating disorders, weight loss and gain, anxiety and stress reduction, depression, overcome trauma responses and triggers, manage burn out and fatigue, and even increase their energy!


From attracting the right partner for marriage, to overcoming relationship obstacles within your marriage, and even for those who want to consciously uncouple and have a healthy divorce, Mahboubeh’s expertise and guidance has proven pivotal! No marriage is the same as no two people are the same, and Mahboubeh guides her clients towards their desired goals with the love and grace that comes from understanding that every individual is unique and divine.


Having a good home environment is vitally important to a person’s sense of self and wellbeing.  Mahboubeh comes from a close and kind family herself and understands the value of connection and family intimacy and cohesiveness. Mahboubeh wishes for all families to experience the love and light and laughter that she continuously shares with her family. Whatever issues you are experiencing within your family (or maybe without), Mahboubeh always has a listening ear and open heart to help you unite and create stronger bonds.  She has helped divorced parents to co-parent peaceably, reconcile family estrangements, positively improve relationships between parents and their children, fix broken relationships with siblings.


Mahboubeh assess your wealth goals and helps you to clear your money blocks.  People’s relationship with money can be complicated and Mahboubeh helps people to understand where they are sometimes subconsciously holding themselves back from their own wealth creation. Mahboubeh believes that a pure spirit and pure energy will enable your wealth creation process to be simple, easy, and ethical.

Energy Clearing
Energy clearing is a very important and unique aspect of Mahboubeh’s process. Although she cleanses the energy of her clients who take her on for the above reasons, she has also been hired solely to cleanse and clear the energy of homes, offices, medical and law practices, and even childcare centers.