About Mahboubeh

Mahboubeh is a talented and extraordinary life coach who brings her calm personality and divine insight to her work.  Some of her clients include CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, artists and actors, philanthropists, doctors, lawyers and many more!

She coaches people on their careers, relationships, health goals, and more!   Mahboubeh’s support and advice is instrumental in guiding people to recognize and pinpoint the exact changes they need to make in their lives in order to obtain their desired outcomes. 

Mahboubeh earned her degree in Law from Iran and comes to us with over 25 years of experience as a business entrepreneur with expertise in multiple industries including agriculture, fashion, and commercial real estate.

Mahboubeh comes from a long line of intuitive seers and recognizes that this line of work is her life’s calling. Mahboubeh feels a responsibility for the gifts that have been generationally passed down to her through her lineage and recognizes the positive impact she can bring to people’s lives in using these talents.

She has also served on multiple advisory boards for major corporations, guiding them through acquisitions and the growth of their companies.  Her love for children and her two daughters drive her every day to help positively impact the next generation.  

Something interesting about Mahboubeh is that her mind has always been connected with her friends and family especially with her siblings. Mahboubeh also serves on multiple boards for other like-minded and non-profit companies such as Precious Time to make this world a better place.